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The Key Goals of Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Goals and targets

Sustainable Development- Plans and Objectives After doing tremendous harm to the environment, luckily the present years have seen a paradigm shift. People are trying to slow down and even put an end to practices that are consuming the environment. While humanity was happy to use gas and oil for heating, warm

Various Facets of Environmental Sustainability

Three Facets of Sustainability

The Progress Towards Becoming Sustainable People keep on hearing a lot about sustainability, but what does the whole concept mean? This article is an attempt to crack the code time. What does the entire idea of sustainability comprise? Environmental sustainability means that humanity has finally woken up to realize all the

The Best Ways to Become Environmentally Conscious

Teaching kids to be environmentally conscious

Broaden Your Horizons- Create Sustainability Becoming more environmentally conscious is one of the critical aspects of the philosophy of sustainable development. There are many ways by which you can become a part of the group of people who are already living in an environmentally aware way. And if you may think

Preservation of the Environment in Indian Context

Stop Environmental Degradation 

The Need to Stop Environmental Degradation The economic development of a country is essential for the well-being of people. In the past few decades, India has become one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. However, it is high time to question whether it has come at the cost of degrading

Environmental Sustainability Must Be Ensured

sustainable energy resources

The Roots of Environmental Sustainability The Earth is in danger and humanity must do more than hope for the best. They must stop the processes of doing further, irreparable harm to the Earth’s resources. This is the significant aspect with which the concept of sustainability concerns itself. It must be understood

India’s Sustainable Development Goals

India and Sustainable Development Goals

Has the Situation in India Improved? Earlier, poverty levels in India were gradually increasing alongside an ever-growing population. But recent research data says that the poverty rate has been reduced by more than half since 1990. To achieve this remarkable feat, Governments at state and central levels have made numerous efforts. They

Educate Your Children to Be More Environmentally Conscious

proper education for future generations

Sustainable Development- Present Efforts for Future Goals Development starts in the present, but the key to survival is proper education for future generations. You must get introduced to some key aspects of knowledge which can serve as vantage points for creating environmental sustainability that lasts and helps you protect nature. What is

Indian Council-Goals

The advancement of infrastructure and the greed for luxuries have led to the development of nations. The desire for development today has become a threat to the future. The economic growth has lead to the deterioration of the environment. When the environment or when flora and fauna decreases, the future