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The Appliance of Green Science

Green Tips You don’t have to just watch information about being eco-friendly, in the developing green world the very appliances you get your TV fix from can be green themselves. For every appliance you currently have in home, there is a green counterpart out there somewhere. Everything from televisions, through

Solar Power ANd Wind Energy

Is the real reason why governments are so loathed to invest in alternative energy like solar power and wind energy is that it is so much harder to tax? Can the tax sunlight and air? I know that government-state revenues could be taxed anyway, but imagine, if every house in

Save Energy Concept

Our household electricity is going up 25%. Where we use about half the kilowatt hours than we did last year, we're still paying about the same each bill, so I was trying to think of alternative energy sources (not gas). However, someone told me solar panels were REALLY expensive, and

Difference between alternative energy and renewable energy

The differences between “alternative energy,” “renewable energy,” and “clean energy,” might not be obvious. But each term is unique and has its own individual meaning. Tags: March 24, 2009 by admin Filed under Articles We know that solar energy is a good renewable energy resource and that we should start

My dad definitely has the bamboo tree bug

Bamboo tree is causing a wave of gossip among the people in my small farming hometown. That is considered big news around here. People gather around in the diner every Tuesday to talk about crops like corn and soybeans. But now they have something new to talk about such as

Solar Supplies

When buying solar supplies, keep in mind there are two main types of solar energy. Solar thermal energy can collect the sun’s warmth through water or an anti-freeze mixture. Solar photovoltaic energy converts the sun’s radiation to usable electricity. Solar thermal energy is commonly used in hot water tanks and

Residential Solar Power Blog – Solar Energy Solutions

Grants from the government have been offered to stimulate agriculture, industry, residential development, utility expansion, commerce, science and public enterprise. They may reduce the cost of manufacturing or operation. They may lead to added research and development. They may help people afford technology that will benefit the world. Grants renewable

Effects of Weed

The effects of weed are pretty typical across the board. However, the most important thing to remember about judging the effects of cannabis or any other drug is that the evidence is based on experience and by nature subjective. What do I mean? I had a friend who was a