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The Indian Council for Sustainable Development was created so that the complex challenges and opportunities global and Indian businesses face can be solved through science-based solutions. The objective is to scale the impact of companies and achieve a complete system transformation. To this end, we work together with experts, leader, brands, and companies to speed up the transition to a more sustainable world.  With the goal to put Indian business in the same position as the other global viable development members, we continuously work to find better answers to the environmental issues we have.

The seed of ICSusDev was planted when we dreamed of making sustainable businesses more successful than the traditional ones. Our vision is to ultimately build a world where the entire population is living well and healthy within its boundaries. To reach this vision, we give corporate leaders a platform where they can talk about issues that connect to sustainable development. We promote those who lead in:

  • environmental management
  • social responsibility
  • economic performance

We even help and support companies, entrepreneurs and heads of firms to be more sustainable by creating a positive impact not just on the environment and society but also the shareholders. For this, we work with them to create a more long-term vision for sustainability. Then turn that vision into an actionable plan that works at a management level and increases the business advantage.

A greener world that is inclusive and supportive of the all the 9 billion people on the planet is what the Indian Council for Sustainable Development dreams to create.