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Welcome to The full form of our website is Indian Council for Sustainable Development. We developed our website to share news about climatic changes, impacts due to poorly checked industrial development and greenhouse gases. If you are a person who aims to live a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle and looking for tips and guidance, you would find our site useful. Though there are several government policies implemented for sustainable development, only a few know and utilize the policies.

In this website, we have discussed the present environmental issues, pollution and other activities that have affected our environment. In simple words, we promote economic performance, social responsibility, and environmental management through our website. We support and help companies, head of firms, and entrepreneurs for developing a sustainable environment.

There are numerous benefits of sustainability. It maintains biocapacity and health of the environment. Moreover, it supports the wellness of individuals and the flourishing of communities. It promotes a better economy with little pollution and waste, more jobs, fewer emission, and a better sharing of wealth. It is necessary to consider where society and individuals derive their well-being.

Several people economy’s health is important and social comfort is derived through that. However, it is still a subordinate constituent of society. Society is a major part of the environment and it strong on the welfare of the environment. It is vital to give first importance to the planet, then people and production for the sustainable move.

The main aim of our website is to share information that is clear, simple and practical. We focus on the causes instead of symptoms. We offer information that is both high academic and technical. We value our reader’s feedback. Our main motto is to practice in daily life what we preach. Thank you for spending your time on our website. We will be pleased to hear your suggestions and comments.