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Viable Lifestyle – An Effort to Create a Healthy Lifestyle

The Future With Urban FarmingThe world has started to take the environment-related issues seriously and has slowly erupted in taking measures to care for the exhausted natural resources. People are not only building a place for themselves but also for the sustenance of natural resources. There are many people like the scientists, government agencies, researchers, technical resources trying their best to stop the environment-related issues getting more harmed and damaged.

Awareness programmers have started taking place like the waste segregation, tree plantation and many more and people have slowly started becoming conscious of the environment. This has led a sense of responsibility among the people to integrate and initiate a sustainable life.

Back in days, people were conscious of the environment. But the demand for luxury and carelessness has led today’s generation to the exploitation of natural resources. It is true that people should meet the necessary requirements, but never at the cost of our precious environment.

How can one start with Eco-Lifestyle?

The lifestyle of today’s people largely depends on financial and social needs. It is because of this, we often overlook the bad from the good and follow it blindly finally leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. It not only impacts the mental and physical health of the person but also affects the environment. The prime point here is the overconsumption of natural resource to meet the demand of the people further giving way to exploitation and affect the regeneration of the natural resource and misbalancing the natural environment.

The priority must be given to both the people needs and the environment. This can be achieved in many ways like the

  • 3 R’s Principal – the 3 R’s are the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. They are the starting point of adapting eco-friendly environment.
  • Urban Farming – urban Farming is slowly catching up with the city people and a passion to go green. They have started community farming and terrace garden and many more such creative ideas.
  • Organic Composting – people have started ways to manage their waste to create a healthy lifestyle.

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