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How To Go Green With Digital Signage?

A Digital Signage About An Adeventurous Film On The Highway - Representing Eco-Friendly Signage Concept.

How does using digital signage make you an eco-friendly organization?

While one can go on ranting about the efficiency of digital signage, their contribution towards a clean and green environment is an aspect that needs a greater emphasis. Digital signage –the coming of age digital advertising solutions is a perfect alternative to the conventional advertising methods that consume heaps of paper and attributes to the destruction of millions of trees every year. Sign Board manufacturers today vouch for digital signage due to their enormous advantages over the conventional methods, both in terms of efficiency and reusability. It is found that digital advertisements would be able to replace almost all the traditional advertising methods shortly because of their exemplar benefits towards nature. If you are still not convinced, read on to understand why traditional signage methods are not a sustainable solution.

Why is it time to let go of conventional signage choices?

Digital Signage Vs Print Based Advertising Concept.

You have millions of reasons why conventional signage methods are not the right advertising platforms. Here are a few facts that indicate that it is time to let go off conventional paper signage options. With almost 17 trees and 26, 281 litres consumed to produce just 1 ton of paper; you can already imagine the amount of destruction this can contribute. Moreover, the whole process of paper production uses more than 4 percent of the total energy consumed worldwide. Despite a whole lot of energy and natural resources invested in the making of traditional signage, it is even sadder to note that paper wastes contribute to 25 percent of worldwide wastage. The air pollution contributed is yet another drawback of paper products. It is found that burning 1 ton of paper wastes attributes to nearly 264 kg of air pollution, not to mention the number of harmful gases let off during the decay of paper products. The major setback of traditional signage choices is, however, the amount of money spent on the production and the loss incurred due to their ineffective recycling options.

Conventional signage options can lead to increased pollution, destruction of trees and of course, unprecedented monetary loss. And as an organization that really cares about being a sustainable establishment, you can opt for digital signage options that are now available in great sign board designs. Check Out – Here about Digital Signage And Its importance. Find out how digital sign boards are your perfect eco-friendly solution and design sign board with the best sign board manufacturer in Chennai.

People looking Their Queue Number Details In The Digital Signage

Six reasons why you should opt for digital signage

  1. Digital signage can display your messages in the loop as compared to the millions of paper copies that need to be produced and distributed for the same impact.
  2. Digital sign boards have a fantastic possibility of getting displays stacked in different layouts enabling the display of multiple information at the same time. A conventional sign board in Chennai would have otherwise needed printing of multiple communications.
  3. The electricity consumption of digital signage is incomparable to the amount of power consumed in the production of traditional signboards. It is said that a digital signboard can work with the same efficiency for more years. The reduced energy consumption and low emission, indeed make digital signage a viable option.
  4. The display hardware is recyclable, making signboard options an effective method.
  5. Leveraging real-time data is another feature that makes signboard Chennai a favourable advertising platform.
  6. Exceptional brightness reducing option and the installation of displays in areas with good airflow can make digital signage an energy-efficient option.

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