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Save Energy Concept

Our household electricity is going up 25%. Where we use about half the kilowatt hours than we did last year, we’re still paying about the same each bill, so I was trying to think of alternative energy sources (not gas). However, someone told me solar panels were REALLY expensive, and so was a small windmill (although I don’t think I could get a permit for a windmill, cause we have neighbors fairly close by). So, do you know of any alternative (viable) energy sources? Do you know of any grants to help defray the costs involved with purchasing and installation? I appreciate ANY of your good ideas or even advice. We’ve done everything I can think of to bring our kilowatt hours down (and have), but with the dramatic rise of electricity, there HAS to be some viable alternatives┼». We waste lots of energy in our homes. Discover how to stop wasting your hard earned cash ok i had this idea of getting 5 big solar panels put them over the roof of my room and put one of those multiple outlets onto it so i can connect more electrical devices. this way the electricity bill won’t be as high and it would be eco friendly. would that be illegal? and is it a good idea? The entire quantity of economically extractable potential energy available from the wind is considerably more than present human power use from all sources.

An estimated 72 terawatts of wind power on the Earth potentially can be commercially viable, compared to about 15 terawatts normal world power consumed from all sources in 2005. These figures are in spite of the fact that not all the potential energy of the wind flowing past any given point can be retrieved. Alternative sounds odd, weirdy, primitive..How about running a flashy car on cheap spirit? And having a comfortable home heated or cooled naturally by ?? April 25, 2009 by admin Filed under Articles Solar power for the home Is becoming an ever increasing trend amongst thousands of households across America and the rest of the world for that matter! There are a number of reasons why many people, who are in charge of the household expenses are looking for solar power for their homes. In this article we will talk about some of the fascinating reasons why it’s important to look into this idea more seriously! View some of the major uses and reasons why homeowners should consider buying and owning a solar power generator. Provides some compelling reasons why the time is right to consider installing a residential solar power system. This includes taking advantage of generous tax incentives currently being offered to homeowners in the USA. A solar panel is a device that collects and converts solar energy into electricity or heat which can be used by (for example) nearby buildings. But is there any device that acts like a solar panel?

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