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Preservation of the Environment in Indian Context

Stop Environmental Degradation The Need to Stop Environmental Degradation

The economic development of a country is essential for the well-being of people. In the past few decades, India has become one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. However, it is high time to question whether it has come at the cost of degrading environment. People need to understand how economic growth is affecting the ecosystem. Efforts must be made to find out effective ways to preserve the natural ecosystems for the sake of future generations.

Environmental Degradation
In the past few decades, the Indian economy has become multidimensional. Focus has remained on agricultural-economic aspects along with industrial growth in the country. The economic growth has brought some environmental problems with it. The excessive use of non-renewable natural resources and lack of waste management have caused environmental degradation.

Environmental Crisis
Lack of environment-friendly policies has resulted in global warming, ozone layer depletion, deforestation, polluted drinking water, and dangers to marine life. Mismanagement of industrial waste, excessive use of non-renewable natural resources and release of greenhouse gases have caused global warming as well as ozone layer depletion.

Due to global warming, the average temperature of the earth has increased, resulting in the melting of polar ice caps. Ultra-violet rays are penetrating the ozone layer, causing harm to human health and limiting the growth of aquatic and terrestrial plants.

Saving Environment
Many crucial steps need to be taken by authorities to halt environmental degradation. First off, they must consider ecological degradation as a significant problem and develop some environmentally friendly policies.

Secondly, they should encourage the use of renewable natural resources such as wind energy, solar energy, and hydro-electric power. The government should start afforestation schemes like Billion Tsunami Tree Plantation Schemes in one of the neighboring countries. The balance of biotic and abiotic components will help in achieving sustainable development.

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