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Explaining Sustainable Development In Detail

Technology is playing a big role in development of societies and systems. The growing pace of development is affecting the well-being of the people and the environment. People have to shed their apprehensions and view the world differently. Indian companies understand the importance of sustainable development and are following guidelines to become environmentally responsible. These can be achieved both in new projects and older projects. The use of green materials in designing and new construction can cut down on the energy demands of the companies thereby saving grid power. Moreover, companies should work on green space to compensate on the greenery removed to construct the onsite facilities. Inorder to improve the lifespan of the unit it is important to reduce the degradation of existing development.

The role of sustainable energy is to satisfy the requirements of the population without putting the future population in danger just to fulfill the present needs. It is all about improving the well being of the overall community and to achieve their goals collectively. Sustainable development means getting best jobs, nutritious food, affordable education and healthcare, freedom of speech and good quality of life to improve our economic growth. There is a need for development of innovative technologies without harming the environment.

The focus of sustainable development is far more than just being environmental. It is related to meeting the diverse needs of the people in varied communities by creating equal opportunity to develop a healthy and strong society. It is also about focusing of better things without affecting the quality of life. The three major components of sustainable development include economic growth, social inclusion and environmental stewardship. The importance of protecting the natural resources is the top priority for any nation as farmers practice smart agriculture and industries are working on energy efficiency.

Sustainable development goals

  1.      Minimizing consumption of natural resources during a new development
  2.      Create a new development without harming the existing environment
  3.      Existing developments can be modified to turn them into environment friendly facilities.
  4.      Eradicating poverty from the face of earth by increasing the quality of life through new developmental projects.
  5.      Promoting good health and harmony among people
  6.      Improving the quality of education irrespective of class
  7.      Providing clean water along with proper sanitation
  8.      Building state of the art infrastructure to support industrialization and developing innovation
  9.      Providing access for clean and affordable energy
  10.  Empowering women to achieve gender equality. It starts with providing education for girls and putting an end to child marriage
  11.  Increasing job opportunities and contributing to economic growth

Sustainable development can be achieved by changing our cultural vision. For this it is important to put global benefit above local ones and providing sustainable resources for the future with more value than the present profit. To achieve both, immense self sacrifice has to be adopted by the present society. This value is not held with great esteem particularly when it comes to making profits or living in comfort. The future value is not put above the present in most cases.

The two major issues that hamper sustainable development from happening is the various factors involving development using sustainable materials and methods are expensive. Though, the long term cost proves to be less expensive when compared to traditional development, the creation process is more expensive particularly in the first phase. The second is, the general need for sustainable development is not accepted. The major cause for this is lack of awareness and this can be resolved through education. The importances of sustainable projects are not seen positively by investors and contractors as the initiating cost is high.

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