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Indian Council-Goals

The advancement of infrastructure and the greed for luxuries have led to the development of nations. The desire for development today has become a threat to the future. The economic growth has lead to the deterioration of the environment. When the environment or when flora and fauna decreases, the future generations are left with nothing but an extensive collection of the concrete jungle. It was at this juncture the concept of principles of sustainable development began. The sustainable development refers to progressing of the nation without hampering the benefits of future generations. It means maintaining the ecological and economic balance. The need for sustainable development has increased in the recent past. The first introduction of the concept of sustainable development began in Nineteen seventy-two. It is developed further, and a report was submitted on the nineteen eighty-seven.

The United Nations got involved in the concept of sustainable development recently and included all the nations to progress towards the development of the country along with balancing the environment. They coined the seventeen goals of sustainable development to be followed by all the nations collectively. The concept of sustainable development in India has led to the creation of National Green Tribunal to foresee the cases regarding the detriment of the environment for the sake of economic growth. The first introduction of the sustainable development began during the Vellore case. The green judge favored the case against the concept of sustainable development.

The goals of sustainable development are the agenda for two thousand and thirty and came into being from two thousand and sixteen. The goals are in the areas of

  • Wellbeing
  • Water and sanitization
  • Energy
  • Economic growth
  • Decent work
  • Infrastructure
  • Industry
  • Reducing inequalities
  • Sustainable cities
  • Consumption
  • Ecosystems
  • Peace and justice
  • Partnership

The sustainable development goals recognize the importance of equality more than development. The aim is to provide a safe and secure world, keeping in its agenda peace, environment protection, justice and industrial development. The only way to achieve this is when all the nations unitedly take a stand as it is global challenge which can have only global solution. As we strive unitedly the development of the country will be on a sustainable model.

The idea of the Sustainable development goal is “Leave No One Behind.” It is very challenging to implement them, but development should be aimed to be delivered to all people as the participation of all is essential. Our nation India is determined to keep up the agenda. India will play a prominent role in determining the implementation of sustainable development goals globally.

The Indian council has been given the work of coordinating the gals of sustainable development. They have divided the responsibility among the governments emphasizing the social, economic and environmental pillars. Apart from these, the ministry of statistics has had good discussions regarding the indicators of sustainable development goals.

The state government is the primary agents who can assist in achieving the goals of sustainable development. It is them who can ensure the agenda and ideals of sustainable development goals “ No One is Left Behind.” The primary or flagships programme of these governments are the “Swach Bharath” “Make in India”and “ “Digital India.” They are the core principles of Sustainable Development Goals. It is the local bodies and state government play a primary role in these programmes.

The state governments are trying to provide education to all and also are introducing various programmes for spreading the awareness of literacy. The government is also striving to provide clean water and sanitization facilities by building toilets and campaigning for swatch Bharath or clean India everywhere. India also has ensured women participation in almost all walks of life, and we can see a vast difference of the same today. The National green tribunal has been doing very well by setting up special courts to look at the cases concerning environmental deterioration. The facts are also settled very fast to ensure sustainable development is favored along with economic growth. We as citizens should help the government achieve the targets of sustainable development to make our country as well as our world a better place to live.


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