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What happened to all the paper bags

I love paper bags. There are just so many things you can make with them. My favorite thing is paper bag cards. I’ve made many of these in the past. The paper bag is excellent for cards and scrapbooks because the open end makes a nice pocket to store tags

Tree of Good Fruits

The picture made from corrugated cardboard pads. The Flowers were made from discolored typing paper. The Banner was made from white and pink card stock paper. I used two plastic acrylic beads in the colors of yellow and green to add balance. I am using up these beads after that,

Should All of us Give Solar Power One more Try

Tweet Cities all over the world are encountering worsening air quality. The air is more and more difficult to breathe each year as oxygen levels decrease. The water of the earth continues to get much more dirty, and trees are dying. Man has made many poor choices and the planet

Eco Consulting Jobs

Washington, D.C., is indisputably one of the leading cities of the world. It is the home to the planetís largest government. The center of debate over complex and controversial legislation. The stomping ground for tens of thousands of highly paid lobbyists. And the fulcrum for the funding, dissemination, and regulation

How To Reduce Climate Change?

Wow.. I am finally impressed with mankind. On March 29, 2008 at 8 p.m, millions of people around the world in making a statement about climate change by turning off your lights for Earth Hour, an event created by the World Wildlife Fund. Even though Owen Sound is not on

The Key Goals of Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Goals and targets

Sustainable Development- Plans and Objectives After doing tremendous harm to the environment, luckily the present years have seen a paradigm shift. People are trying to slow down and even put an end to practices that are consuming the environment. While humanity was happy to use gas and oil for heating, warm

Pros and Cons of Sustainable Development

aim and focus of Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development gained great popularity a decade ago by elucidating to satisfy the needs of today, without compromising future needs. It was widely accepted and looked very simple, but it failed to put on practice. When looked deep, we found the advantages and disadvantages of Sustainable Development. Let’s take a

Viable Lifestyle – An Effort to Create a Healthy Lifestyle

The Future With Urban Farming

The world has started to take the environment-related issues seriously and has slowly erupted in taking measures to care for the exhausted natural resources. People are not only building a place for themselves but also for the sustenance of natural resources. There are many people like the scientists, government agencies,