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The Key Goals of Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Goals and targetsSustainable Development- Plans and Objectives

After doing tremendous harm to the environment, luckily the present years have seen a paradigm shift. People are trying to slow down and even put an end to practices that are consuming the environment. While humanity was happy to use gas and oil for heating, warm water and the feeling of millions of vehicles today, they are well on the way to revitalize all this. Hope has been kept alive thanks to the use of sustainable energy resources, which provide energy without causing harm to the environment.

What sustainable development is all about? Sustainable development is all about proving that life can be lived in a much more environmentally conscious way. It would come to live in forms of Projects such as residential blocks, which derive all their energy needs from renewable resources are prime examples. Such as gaining heat and hot water thanks to solar panels or use electricity gained from water/air energy. Sustainable development concerns itself with protecting the environment and focusing on the requirements of future generations.

There are three key goals of sustainable development:

  • To stop or minimize the use of limited resources (such as gas and oil).
  • To create such projects which would prove that sustainable living is possible in such a way that it would not cause further harm and pollution to the environment
  • To fully invest in all scientific projects which look for other options for sustainable, economically friendly living.

Sustainable development is focusing on key projects and areas. Unlike the philosophy of environmental sustainability, some people criticize those who take part in sustainable development projects for being too limited to one or two key projects. It is often argued that this idea fails to see the big picture- the needs of the present. However, sustainable development, as an idea, can be lifesaving for future generations.

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