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Environmental Sustainability Vis-a-vis Sustainable Development

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What are environmental sustainability and sustainable development? How do these two concepts differ? While people tend to think the two thought processes are similar, there are some key differences which are worth finding out. Sustainability has become quite an important topic in the past few years, especially because the current resources, such as gas and petrol, are rapidly depleting.

People have to find better, healthier, and overall, more sustainable sources of energy to carry their lives forward. Luckily, with the rapid emerging of electronic cars and other countless ways, humanity has managed to develop and obtain energy from natural resources such as wind, sun, and water. Humankind is all set to become an overall sustainable society in the times to come.

What does sustainable development mean? Sustainable development refers to the focused development of projects which are built on using one or more environmentally friendly resources or practices. For example, the development of building complexes which obtain energy solely by using solar panels or hydroelectric power.

Sustainable development shows in numerous smaller projects which are created with the key goal to show people that one can live with electricity coming from natural, sustainable resources. They would not harm the environment either. Sustainable development is all about environmentally friendly steps aimed at caring for future generations. According to its slogan, “it meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.”

The key difference between the two concepts must be analyzed for better understanding. Sustainability means a conscious and more dynamic mindset that focuses on the future while development concentrates on leaving sufficient resources for future generations. The concept of sustainable development is often criticized for being too slow. It lacks intent to protect the present because of the sole focus on the future.

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