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Solar Power ANd Wind Energy

Is the real reason why governments are so loathed to invest in alternative energy like solar power and wind energy is that it is so much harder to tax? Can the tax sunlight and air? I know that government-state revenues could be taxed anyway, but imagine, if every house in SA or anywhere else for that matter, had solar panels and a wind-turbine just imagine how much money the people would save and the state would lose? Any theories? Bryan C- I hear what you are saying bru, but two swallows don’t make for summer. NZealand and Iceland are laudable for their actions, but what about the US, China, Russian Federation, EU, India etc etc- the major polluters? Darth- I take issue with your facts on this one. Be careful with the science journals as well, very often this type of research is sponsored by the people who pay to find out exactly what they want to know- if you what I mean. I have read the research that contradicts what you are saying a lot. I know what you mean, but at the same time we are also facing a major lifestyle change issue as well. One giant solar power station in the Sahara could be constructed covering an area of 150,000 km2 using current technology and would supply the entire World’s power needs four times over. This was a scientist who demonstrated this as well.

other than solar panels and turbines, what are other energy sources? what are the pros and cons to it? THANKS AND 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER I SWEAR also, what are the pros and cons to turbines? So you are interested to learn about how to make solar power? Well your in luck, because in this article we are going to talk about how to make solar power for your home. In fact, there are many people that are in the same boat as you are. They are looking to understand how they can create solar power and there is a good reason for their curiosity! 1. Solar energy is not cost effective due to the cost of equipment and the cost fossil fuels needed to create solar energy cells in the first place. If you were to install solar panel on an average home in Phoenix AZ and you calculated the cost + fossil fuels used in creating the solar equipment it would take from 5-8 years to show a profit. Other cities that get less sun than the desert would take even longer and the cost would go up as you also calculate Maintenance dollars. 2. In order to generate enough energy to effectively curb our need for fossil fuels would not be economically prudent or reliable with the given solar technology as we know it today. 3.Hydrogen fueled cars and and big trucks is the main target of defeating the need for foreign oil. Solar energy will never be able to generate enough energy to supply hydrogen refueling stations. how much power is generated with solar panels? also please give me links for that information.

The residential wind generator idea is gaining momentum, but are they practical and affordable? Find out how they work and if they are right for you. May 22, 2009 by admin Filed under Articles I have a small house on my property, it faces due south and i would like to install solar panels for heat, or maybe utilize a windmill for energyůany ideas? i’m just wanting to experiment with alternative energies. I live in western N.C. I would like any resources for selecting the right sources. As the global trend for greener energy continues, many individuals are seeking simple ways to modify their energy usage at home. One of the most popular residential modifications is to utilize solar panels as a source of power. When the sun’s energy is captured, it can be utilized to power residential properties and even businesses! Oh yes Adam, because buying solar panels and creating a marsh are so equivalent. Gee, I wish I was as clueless as youůthen I could just collect my welfare check and move onů I am new to alternative energy. I have relatives in these countries i live in Colorado and others in California/Michigan/Texas or any other states. We all saw an Inconvenient truth documentary and thought that we should start going green at our homes. – workshops for solar energy – where to get cheap solar panels or photovoltaic cells – President Obama’s policy on alternative energy – Wind energy Vs Solar Energy Also how much solar energy would be required for one family home? (or link to solar energy calculator) Also, do you know about anyone who is using solar energy and how is it going?

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