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My dad definitely has the bamboo tree bug

Bamboo tree is causing a wave of gossip among the people in my small farming hometown. That is considered big news around here. People gather around in the diner every Tuesday to talk about crops like corn and soybeans. But now they have something new to talk about such as bamboo tree. I’m greatthat I’m the one that brought bamboo tree home to show and tell all my neighbors. They are so fine and can’t wait to get their hands on their ownbamboo tree. I’ve only been back for a few days but I’m already bored. There’s no much to do here. I can’t ride a tractor all day, it can get boring too.But luckily I have bamboo tree to entertain me and occupy some of my time. The carrot sticks is good here. It can’t be just me can it?! My cousin’s got a lousy toothache but no dentist for miles. Pops told him to tough it up like the other kids.

I feel sorry for my cousin, I had to go through something like that too. The fantastic thing is he grow up tougher, that’s what everyone’s been saying. For some reason, I don’t buythat, I think it’s a very dismal a kid has to go through in the countryside. The city kids have got it so really cool. There’s no decent Toyota here. Most cars and trucks are all rusted up and if it’s not 20 years old you’re considered rich here. People were soimpressed when I drove here with my Toyota and it was sparkly clean and had no rust. They said I hit it big in the city. Bringing bamboo tree back here isa nice thing too they said. I’m glad I could help. I’ll be heading back to my city life in a week. In the meantime I’ll just enjoy the corn and the awful coffee at the local diner.

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