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Eco-Friendly Home theatre for Sustainable Development

Better option is to watch movies at home through a home theatre system that offers the same experience as a movie theatre.

Home Theatre System: Shopping For A Green One

Going to the movie theatre, buying the tickets, getting the popcorn and soda and then finally finding the seats. The process of watching a cinema was as exciting as actually seeing the picture. This was the truth once upon a time. Today, people don’t want to wait in lines and buy over-charged eatables. A better option is to watch movies at home through a home theatre system that offers the same experience as a movie theatre.

While the choice of enjoying a movie at home is great, for people who want to make a more sustainable living it can be a dilemma. Thankfully, companies that build and sell home theatres are now becoming cognizant of the fact. They are manufacturing theatre systems made of sustainable elements. They are even introducing sustainable initiatives to make their practices greener. In this article, we take a look at what you need to look for when out shopping for home theatres.

 TV should have an Energy Star label• The TV should have an Energy Star label

The chances are highly unlikely but if you are still utilizing the old CRT television, then switch it. Flat screens are not more significant in size and filled with HD display but are also better for the environment. Choose an LED or LCD screen that comes with an energy star label. The higher the number of stars, the better the TV. The cherry on the cake is that they even reduce the electricity bill.

What More Features Should The Home Theatre Have?

• The player should be Blu-ray.

The current Blu-ray players come with the feature of networking, which makes them all-in-one media players. They can be used as:
o movie player
o CD music player
o online media streaming device
o video game player

They not only reduce the need for other gadgets which automatically makes them greener but are also more energy efficient. Ergo, instead of using an old video game system to watch movies, invest in a Blu-ray player. Find out more info about sustainable electronics.

• Look for Energy Star label on the central control.

The core of a home theatre system is the audio-visual receiver. Presently, they come in an array of prices and features. When you buy one, find the energy star label. An A/V receiver with more energy stars will consume less power in standby mode and will come with automatic switch-off features.

Keep in mind that energy star labels prove that the home theatre will have excellent performance and also reduce your carbon footprint. They create a more sustainable planet.

Go Shopping From A Place That Promotes Green Practices.

The place where you buy the home theatre from is vital. There are some companies that have committed to making a greener world through sustainability and fair labour. Shop the system from a brand that promotes a better environment. An example is Best Buy. The number one consumer electronics retailer, it works on removing e-waste from landfills. Furthermore, they are completely transparent at the corporate level.

Home theatres are available in the market in all forms and sizes. They are made with almost all kinds of materials.Go Shopping From A Place That Promotes Green Practices So, when purchasing one try to search for a system that consists of:

• Recycled materials or
• Renewable resources

Additionally, home theatre systems come in many configurations ranging from simple features to complex audio and visuals. Pick one that finds a balance between your requirements and sustainability. For example, a fewer number of speakers or smaller speakers will utilize less power and be more energy efficient. That doesn’t imply that humongous home theatres that drown every other sound out cannot be eco-friendly. It just signifies that you will need to do harder work to find it.

And once you’ve got the eco-friendliest home movie system, the only thing left to do it bake the popcorn, invite friends over and enjoy an incredible show while keeping the planet a little bit greener.

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