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What happened to all the paper bags

I love paper bags. There are just so many things you can make with them. My favorite thing is paper bag cards. I’ve made many of these in the past. The paper bag is excellent for cards and scrapbooks because the open end makes a nice pocket to store tags or letters. Another thing is that the paper bag card is extremely sturdy and will last a very long time. On the other hand, it is also biodegradable. Unlike plastic, it will break down over time. In addition, the paper bag can also be recycled into other paper products. You see, paper bags are just perfect for crafts made from recycled materials in every way. What happened to all the paper bags? This is a paper bag card that I embellished with little fabric rosettes and lace. The little doll was made a frozen pizza box that I recycled. Paper bags are sturdy and recyclable. I made covers for my school books with paper bags. My Mother used the bags in the kitchen to make fried chicken. She would put flour and seasonings in the bag. Then she dumped her chicken legs and wings in the bag.

The shaking in the paper bag coated the chicken with flour perfectly every time. Then she used another bag to drain the grease from the fried chicken after removing the pieces from the hot oil. Other times, my Mother, a top notch seamstress, used the bags to make patterns for sewing. She was the ultimate recycler. She made a point to teach me how to make due by using the things that I already have. Back in the good old days, all groceries were packed in paper bags. In the 1980s, plastic bags replaced paper bags. I wonder why this happened? I sure miss the paper bag, and everyone I know feels the same way. I wish the store owners would give me the option to use paper or plastic like they used to in the past. I feel it would be very beneficial to the community and the environment. Cheers and Keep on Recycling,

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