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Know about the Sustainable Development

improving sustainable developmentSustainable Development is on the news lately to ensure the needs of society, environment and the economy are properly balanced. But does anyone out there knows, what exactly is Sustainable Development?

It is an initiation that fulfills the generation of present requirements, without trading the future generation of their needs. The sustainable development can be elucidated in many ways, but its main aim is to develop the awareness of the environment, economic and social limitations that the society faces today.

But the development is usually focused by single particular needs without taking full charge on future impacts. This kind of approach has been witnessed in the financial crisis of the banking sector to the global climate change which has resulted depending on fossil fuel-based energy.

Is this all about the Environment?

The main and central concept of sustainable development is to live in the limitations of the Environment. Failure to do so has already resulted in climate change.

But it is more than the environment. The idea is to create a healthy, strong and equal society. In other words, it is to meet the needs of all the people both present and future encouraging personal wellbeing, social inclusion, and cohesion and giving equal opportunity.

If the future is given importance, does it have less impact on present condition?

It does not mean that if the future is given prime importance, the present will have fewer priories. Sustainable development is to give importance to both present and future generation. If we make a little change, it does not mean the quality of our life is affected. It is just that it may bring about benefit from short to medium term.

How can the Sustainable Development happen?

Every single person must play the part at least through a small action. A small change can help to add a big change. But if the government takes steps, it will surely have a great impact on society.

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