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Hyundai To Venture Into Sustainable Energy

Susee Hyundai Discuss About Kona Electric Car

Hyundai’s Entry Into Electric Cars! 

Popular Hyundai Car Dealers in South India Susee Hyundai, takes a dig into Hyundai’s entry into electric cars.Hyundai is the second biggest car manufacturer in India in terms of sales. It has 10 models strong collection of vehicles comprising of SUVs, sedans, and hatchbacks. Some of the famous Hyundai car models in India are Santro, Grand i10, Verna, Elite i20, Creta and Venue. This Korean carmaker has recently launched updated versions of Tucson and Elantra, all new Grand i10 and also the first electric car- Kona Electric SUV. Hyundai has a record of more than 1500 sales and service centers across various areas and main points of the country.

Kona Electric Car – Latest Buzz

Susee Hyundai Reviews Hyundai Kona Electric CarThe electric cars are the latest buzz in the market. India has an excellent market for electric vehicles. After the announcement of electric cars, there has been a lot of expectations and interests shown by the consumers. Maruti Suzuki has planned to launch electric WagonR by the next year. Hyundai companies have announced about their electric vehicle launch in India. Kona Electric is said to be the first electric car model in India.Check out the recent deatils about Kona Electric Car.

Kia and Hyundai Motors have finalized manufacturing details of the electric car at the moment. Moreover, they have planned to tie up with LG for car batteries. At the same time, they are also checking various international suppliers for battery purpose.

The top management of Kia and Hyundai Motors are presently performing feasibility research in India for obtaining local batteries and components. They also understanding specific conditions suitable for India.

Albert Biermann is the Hyundai Group’s Research and Development Division President. He told that he has come to India to understand the environment behind electrical space. While commenting about local production of batteries, he added that they are willing to import the technology. They have plans to localize if the market is competitive. They have a strong connection with Korean suppliers and sister companies. At present, the Korean battery systems are leading around the world. They have excellent partnerships with companies like LG and have plans to tie up or localize with the partners.

Another website, car and bike had reported the launch of Hyundai’s electric car- Kona Electric SUV this year. It is planned to price the car aggressively or affordably where the buyers could easily purchase.

Expectations About Hyundai Kona Electric Car

Kona EV from Hyundai motors is expected to be launched and start its sale in India by July 2019. Though it is not the first electric model from Hyundai, there are a lot of electronic cars in the international line-up. It is the first EV in the country by the Korean Brand.

In abroad, EVs occupies two categories. One is that which is constructed from the foundation as an electric vehicle and the second model is a vehicle with standard internal combustion engine replaced with an electric motor and batteries.

The purpose-built electric vehicles has several advantages. They have excellent packaging benefits which arrive with a simple powertrain, looks compact and also possibly have exceptional capacity batteries. The adapted EV comes with certain packaging disadvantages when compared to the conventional car. It will also mostly comes withReviews About KONA electric automobile smaller capacity battery.

The KONA electric automobile is in between these two categories. Though it is not a dedicated electric car, it has a larger capacity battery that is the 64kWh battery. The diesel and petrol models of Kona also come under this platform. The electronic model is always the basic plan of the Hyundai car company. The location of the battery is the most deceptive highlight of this car model. The car is spacious and permits other necessities to comfortably accommodate within the engine.

After arriving in India, the first electric vehicle range will be Kona EV. It is sure it will come with a lot of value and benefits. The best part is it will be available at a cheap price. Hyundai will not be assembling the car within India but still, are near to INR 25 lakh category. It does not look completely like SUV but still, it is a volume seller. There are expectations to sell around 50 to 60 vehicles per year.

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