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Pros and Cons of Sustainable Development

aim and focus of Sustainable DevelopmentSustainable Development gained great popularity a decade ago by elucidating to satisfy the needs of today, without compromising future needs. It was widely accepted and looked very simple, but it failed to put on practice. When looked deep, we found the advantages and disadvantages of Sustainable Development. Let’s take a look at it.

Pros of Sustainable Development

The main aim and focus of Sustainable Development are to save the Planet from getting destroyed or damaged further. To achieve this, harmony among the social, economic and environment is the feasible solution.

Lower Environmental Impact is the prime pillar on which all the ideas are depended and take their shape in developing the economy without striking nature. This gives way to reducing emission gases which in turn avoids acid rain and global warming. It has a direct impact on a clean planet.

The humans have started playing a big role in saving the earth by educating and spreading awareness and have resulted in green areas, better air quality, maintenance of more species, preservation of biodiversity and many more.

The current situation to handle the delicate situation has given way for the better tomorrow and a quality future for the upcoming generation.

Cons of Sustainable Development

The main hurdle for the application of Sustainable Development finds itself in the midst of the solution requirements and strategies that surpass borders. The Government too is uncertain as there are many aspects to be achieved to get hold of the desired sustainability.

The tools take a back seat as the renewable energy and organic farming has many drawbacks that need to be handled smartly to achieve sustainability.

It is a big task to change the mentalities and would hugely affect the big capitals ruling the world. In other words, society transformation is very difficult and impossible to achieve. The cost would also be affected as it will have to be changed and supplied to a large number of population and will also have unemployment in some areas like those working in the coal industry.

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