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Green building construction

The new Bartlett Square condominiums in Jamaica Plain boast green building construction and a style that mixes traditional details with modern amenities. The 13 new condominiums and three retail spaces will be ready for occupancy later this month. Seven units are already reserved, according to Janet Deegan, a broker with Cervone

Global Energy Demand

Global energy demand is rising and so are consumer expectations – more people want energy from cleaner sources. At Shell we are unlocking new energy sources and squeezing more from what we have. Together with others we are finding ways to lower our emissions and helping customers to do the

Hyundai To Venture Into Sustainable Energy

Susee Hyundai Discuss About Kona Electric Car

Hyundai's Entry Into Electric Cars!  Popular Hyundai Car Dealers in South India Susee Hyundai, takes a dig into Hyundai's entry into electric cars.Hyundai is the second biggest car manufacturer in India in terms of sales. It has 10 models strong collection of vehicles comprising of SUVs, sedans, and hatchbacks. Some of

Pros and Cons of Sustainable Development

aim and focus of Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development gained great popularity a decade ago by elucidating to satisfy the needs of today, without compromising future needs. It was widely accepted and looked very simple, but it failed to put on practice. When looked deep, we found the advantages and disadvantages of Sustainable Development. Let’s take a

Significance of Eco-Friendly Environment

safer the environment healthier the life

Most of us are aware of the meaning of the term eco-friendly environment. It has developed into the global village where diseases, disasters, and pollutions spread to the maximum range. It is important to safeguard the living things and earth. As dwellers and human beings of Mother Nature, it is

Know about the Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development for environment

Sustainable Development is on the news lately to ensure the needs of society, environment and the economy are properly balanced. But does anyone out there knows, what exactly is Sustainable Development? It is an initiation that fulfills the generation of present requirements, without trading the future generation of their needs. The