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Sustainable Architecture And Its Benefits To Humans

Sustainability in simple words is nothing but preserving what we have today for the future generation to utilize. It is based on the idea that any wrong decisions and actions today should not take away any opportunity from the future generations. The drastic climatic changes which occurred recently are very good examples to illustrate the fact that a saturation point is not far away.

Ray of hope in sustainability field!
Sustainable designs and architecture are the need of this era. Sustainable architecture involves conscious designing of buildings to restrict the harm on the environment, thus helping in energy and ecological conservation.

With the increasing awareness of the need for sustainability, many construction firms have come forward with eco-friendly and sustainable design and architecture. Companies like Besten, Ecotecture, Busch Design, etc. are some of the notable architectural firms that showcase their skill in this regard.

According to, such initiatives are definitely giving us scope for hope. We expect more and more firms to come up with such positive ideas.

Harming the environment for personal benefits is a serious offense, and it is high time that we stop doing such things for temporary benefits. Let us join hands to create a sustainable world and a better future!

Sustainable architecture- A brief description
Moderation is the prime idea behind such architecture. Everything is alright in moderate amounts, but when the limit exceeds, then it creates harm more than good. Architecture should be in such a way that materials, energy, space; in short, all environmental resources should be used moderately and wisely.

How to achieve sustainable energy use
The buildings should be energy efficient not only in their construction phase but during their entire life cycle. The success lies in designing buildings in such a way that they can capture natural energy such as solar energy, wind energy, etc. and generate sufficient power to meet their daily needs.

Sustainable materials for buildings
Recycled materials are good options to reduce the exploitation of environmental resources to a great extent. Many building materials can be effectively recycled and used again. While going for new materials, we have to make sure that they are made using components which can be quickly replenished. Bamboo is one such material which takes only six years to grow and reach the harvest stage.

Baked or rammed earth, clay, flax linen, wood fibre, calcium sand stone, etc. are all excellent materials for sustainable building construction. Maximum care should be taken to avoid materials emitting volatile organic compounds.

Benefits to humans as well as ecosystem
Sustainable development protects the ecosystem without serious harm. A little care will ensure that resources will not be exhausted thus making life difficult in this planet. Climatic extremism can be prevented to a large extent. Most of the diseases that humans face now are due to unchecked development making use of all sorts of materials. You may not be aware of the number of toxic materials that are getting inside your body every day through the air you breathe, the food you take in, etc.

Saying no to all kinds of developments is not a practical option. So sustainable development is the best solution.

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